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Behind on Your Taxes?

Updated: Jul 14, 2023

Learn about the tax forfeiture process here in Minnesota and how TIC-Homebuyers can help.

In the State of Minnesota, property owners pay taxes on a yearly basis. Property owners have three years to pay their taxes before the property is forfeited to the state. Prior to the property forfeiting, the State issues a Notice of Expiration of Redemption, which is published in the local newspaper and sent to the property owner's last known address. If the taxes are not paid by the date stated on the Notice of Expiration, the property forfeits to the State of Minnesota. Once the property is forfeited, the State gives the property owner a short grace period to pay the delinquent taxes.

How We Can Help

We understand that there are many reasons why someone can fall behind on their property taxes, and we know that the situation may seem paralyzing. Our company will help you repay the delinquent taxes to avoid forfeiture. If the property has already forfeited, our office can help you repurchase it. We handle all paperwork and communication with the State. In return, our company will purchase the property from you as is for an agreed-upon price. TIC-Homebuyers will work with any county in the State of Minnesota. We understand the tax forfeiture process and its legalities well, and will advocate on your behalf to ensure that the county understands your intentions and that you meet your specific timeline. We are a small company that can prioritize you, giving you the attention that is deserved. Our buyers listen to understand, and care about transparency with you. We want you to be aware of your options. Contact TIC-Homebuyers to discuss your unique situation with a member of our experienced team, and we will partner together to give you the best outcome we can.


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