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TIC-Homebuyers Can Help

While there are plenty of realtors guaranteeing an offer after they list your house, TIC is different. We are the BUYERS. Fair, fast, convenient, and private, we eliminate the hassle and time of a traditional sale by allowing you to set the timeline. No showings, staging, or deep cleaning. Call us for more information on how we can tailor the perfect transaction for you. 

01. Discuss & View The Property Together

Tell us about your property and what you're hoping to get out of it. No need to tidy up to show-ready expectations—we're easily able to see through the clutter of everyday living. Our experts in tax-forfeiture and as-is properties will come to you and take a look at the property—no matter where it is in Minnesota. We will give you our honest opinion on your best options for the property, even if your best solution is the traditional real estate route.

02. We'll Customize An Offer Especially For You

After our initial conversation and a walk-through of the space, our team will customize a no-surprise cash offer that is unique to your situation. Take the time you need to consider our offer—you won't receive any pressure from us to accept. If you do decide to move forward, simply reach out to us at TIC-Homebuyers and we'll happily walk you through the next steps. Even after accepting, there won't be any unexpected timelines for dictating when you need to be out of your home. We'll come to a reasonable agreement on that together. 

03. Once You've Accepted, We Purchase Your Home As-Is

After considering our offer and coming to an agreement, the process will move at the pace you need it to—whatever makes your life easier. By skipping the traditional transaction process of for-sale signs in your yard, listing agreements, open houses, and typical real estate negotiations, we can get right to providing you with a fair cash amount for your as-is property, with enough money up front to help with the transition of moving on to your next chapter. 

Learn More About the Process

We've put together a video to help you understand what you can expect from TIC-Homebuyers. Take a look below to further understand what your experience will be like, and watch more on our Resources page. 

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