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What Does It Mean to Sell Your Property “As-Is"?

To sell your property "as-is" is similar to trading in a vehicle; you are choosing to sell your property in its current condition. Does your house have a leaking roof, poor landscaping, or an out of date style? TIC-Homebuyers looks beyond the damage and as-is state to the location and structure in order to determine our offer.

There are many reasons why a seller may need to move quickly, such as illness, death, divorce, or even a job relocation. Selling to an as-is buyer allows a seller to leave their property quickly, receive a fair market price, and move on to other aspects of their life.

When working with an as-is buyer, as a seller you want to make sure that you gain an understanding of the process and what the buyer can do for you. Our buyers are knowledgeable about all aspects of traditional and non-traditional real estate. We want property owners to make an informed and educated decision when selling their property to us. Working with an as-is buyer allows for some much-needed flexibility when it comes to closing and moving dates, which you as a seller would otherwise have minimal control over during the traditional selling process.

TIC-Homebuyers wants you to know that no matter what unique situation you find yourself in, we can assist you by providing options that fit your needs and allow you to sell your property efficiently. No obligation to sell to us, no gimmicks, no scams - we want to purchase your property from you ‘as-is’, providing a win-win situation for you and our company.



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